What's the difference between a percentage or total fee surcharge?

Zeller enables you to set different type of surcharges depending on your business preferences.

A percentage surcharge allows you to add on a set percentage to your transaction total. This is particularly useful for when you want to increase the total amount for the goods or service you are providing. 

Zeller will then deduct the applicable 1.4% or 1.7% fee from the total transaction amount.

With this surcharge enabled, the percentage you enter cannot be greater than your cost acceptance. 

A total fee surcharge allows you to recover the full cost of card acceptance. This means that Zeller's processing fees are passed on to the customer.

Zeller will not deduct any additional fees from the transaction total. 

With this surcharge enabled, you will receive the original transaction amount entered on the Payments screen. 

If you have any questions regarding how surcharges work with Zeller, please get in touch with our Support team