Why are some transactions duplicated on bank statements?

Duplicate transactions on bank statements do not always indicate that the card has been charged twice.

Pending charges can appear on bank statements due to the way card issuers authorise cards when a purchase is made. 

When making a payment, the card issuer may authorise the card when contact is made, and again when funds are withdrawn. This will be reflected next to the actual charge on the statement and appear as a duplicate transaction. However, this additional line will drop off the statement automatically. 

The transactions that appear on your Zeller Dashboard and Terminal are a true reflection of payments that have been approved and processed. 

To check that a payment has been charged correctly, please follow the steps to view your transaction history.

For any enquiries around duplicate transactions with Zeller, we recommend the cardholder contacts their bank directly to discuss the transaction appearing twice on their statement. 

Please get in touch with our Support Team if you require any further assistance.