How do I setup my Zeller Terminal?

You can be up and accepting payments in minutes with Zeller, so let’s get started.

    We recommend signing up and activating your account before setting up your new Zeller Terminal. For steps on how to sign up, visit our Support Centre. 

    Getting Started

    Included in your Zeller Terminal kit is:

    • your Zeller Terminal
    • a roll of receipt paper
    • a power adapter
    • a free Zeller Mastercard

    Loading Receipt Paper

    To load your receipt paper:

    1. Lift the rear flap on the Zeller Terminal to open the paper holder.
    2. Drop a paper roll into the holder so that it unrolls towards the screen.
    3. Close the flap and tear off any excess paper, pulling it down towards the screen. 

    Powering On

    Now it’s time to power up and start selling. We recommend you keep the power adapter plugged into the device. To set up your Zeller Terminal: 

    1. Turn on your terminal by holding down the power button on the top right of the screen.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your Wi-Fi or set up with a SIM card.
    3. Log in to your account with your email address and password.
    4. Create a site to manage your Zeller Terminal across different locations. 
    5. Create a PIN for your site and tap Continue
    6. Assign a name for your Zeller Terminal and select Save

    That's it! You will be automatically directed to the Payments screen on your Zeller Terminal. You're ready to start accepting payments.

    If you need more help, please feel free to reach out to our Support team.