How do I set up Tap to Pay on iPhone?

Get started on your Zeller App.

Zeller Tap to Pay on iPhone is available to setup on compatible iOS devices. 

To start accepting payments, Admin users will need to complete a one-time setup process. 

Zeller App Setup

To get started, open and login to your Zeller App:

  1. Select Tap to Pay on iPhone at the top of your screen. 
  2. Tap Set Up Now
  3. Assign a unique name for your device and tap Next
  4. Choose a site for your device and tap Next. 
    1. Create a new site if required. 
  5. Confirm if GST should be applied to transactions and tap Next. 
  6. Set up surcharging to apply extra fees and tap Next
  7. Enable tipping options according to your preferences and tap Next
  8. Review and configure your digital receipts and tap Finish Setup

Your mobile device will now begin initialising. 

Please note: Any configurations to tipping options and receipts will apply across all devices within the site, including Zeller Terminals.

Device Initialisation 

To complete the setup process, you will need to register your Apple ID and enable permissions on your device.

Please note, an admin must first complete this step before any manager users can set up and use Tap to Pay on iPhone.

  1. Tap Enrol Now on the Apple ID Required screen. 
  2. Review the Tap to Pay Terms and Conditions. 
  3. Tap Continue with This Apple ID or Use a Different Apple ID. 
  4. Tap Next on the Location Permissions Required screen.  
  5. Select Allow While Using App on the location prompt. 
  6. Initiate a test payment. 
    1. Review the instructions and tap Run Test.
    2. Tap your card over the contactless symbol. 
    3. Tap Take Payment on the confirmation screen. 

Your mobile device is now registered for Tap to Pay on iPhone. 

Click here for detailed steps on how to process Tap to Pay transactions. 

If you experience any difficulties with setting up Tap to Pay on your iPhone, please get in touch with our Support team