How do I process a Tap to Pay transaction?

Take secure payments on your compatible iOS or Android device.

Tap to Pay enables you to accept payments via contactless cards and digital wallets directly from your Zeller App. 

Before getting started, please ensure you have enabled Tap to Pay.  

To process a Tap to Pay transaction, login to your Zeller App. 

  1. Select Tap to Pay from the navigation menu. 
  2. Key in the amount to charge your customer and select Tap to Pay. 
  3. Enter a tip if applicable.
  4. Your customer can tap their card or NFC device on the contactless symbol. 
  5. The Payment Summary screen will confirm the approved payment. 
  6. Complete any post transaction details:
    1. Send a receipt via email or SMS. 
    2. Add notes. 
    3. Link a Contact. 
  7. Tap New Payment to process the next transaction.  

All Tap to Pay transactions have a processing fee of 1.4%. You can review these payment details in your Transactions section. 

If you experience any difficulties with processing Tap to Pay transactions, please get in touch with our Support team