How do I enable MOTO payments on my account?

MOTO payments will be enabled by default with an update to your Zeller Terminal.

Zeller Terminal Update

Before you accept your first MOTO payment on Zeller Terminal, the software needs to be updated. This should happen automatically overnight. 
Firstly, check to see if your software updated. If it has, you will notice a new 'M' toggle in the top right-hand corner of the Payments screen.
If you cannot see the ‘M’ toggle, then you will need to re-boot in order to install the software update. 
To reboot:
  1. Press and hold the power button until the power options appear on screen. 
  2. Tap Reboot
  3. Tap OK to confirm your request. 
  4. Your terminal will power off and automatically turn back on. 

Once restarted, the new software update will be installed and you should now see the new ‘M’ toggle on the Payments screen. This means that MOTO Is now ready for you to use on your Zeller Terminal.

Confirm Site Settings

If you are still not seeing the new toggle on your Zeller Terminal, check your site settings to ensure MOTO is enabled.  
To enable MOTO payments from your Zeller Terminal:
  1. Tap on Settings from the navigation panel. 
  2. Select Site Settings > Payments
  3. Toggle on the option for MOTO. 
  4. Tap Accept

To enable MOTO payments from your Zeller Dashboard:

  1. Select Payments and then Sites.
  2. Select the site you would like to manage. 
  3. Select the Payments tab at the top of the screen. 
  4. Toggle on the option for MOTO. 
  5. Click Accept.
  6. Click Save. 

MOTO payments will now be enabled from the Payments screen of your Zeller Terminal. Click here to read how to accept MOTO payments. 

Additional MOTO features

There are additional toggles you can turn on based on your preferences for MOTO acceptance:

  • Default to MOTO will allow you to set MOTO as the default payment method in your payments screen. 
  • Required site PIN increases terminal security and will ask for the site PIN verification before a MOTO payment is processed. 
  • MOTO surcharge will let you apply a different surcharge rate to your card-present transactions. In line with surcharging regulations, you can set this up to a maximum of 1.7%, or whatever your agreed MOTO processing rate is with Zeller. 

If you require any further assistance with enabling MOTO payments for your Zeller Terminal, please get in touch with our Support Team