How do I change the receipt paper on my Zeller Terminal?

Changing the receipt paper on your Zeller Terminal is simple.

Change the receipt paper on your Zeller Terminal in a few simple steps: 

  1. Lift the tab at the top of the terminal until the printer cover opens. 
  2. Lift the printer cover back to expose the printer area, and remove the current printer roll if there is one. 
  3. Remove the cover from the new receipt printer roll.
  4. Place the new roll into the printer area, making sure that the paper comes out from underneath the roll. 
  5. Close the printer cover, making sure to leave some of the roll fed through as you close the cover. Tear off the loose paper. 

Your printer paper is now successfully changed. If you would like to adjust the information appearing on your receipt, please read our support article on customising receipt settings