What types of businesses does Zeller support?

There are specific business types that Zeller can support at this time.

Zeller can help support the following business types: 

Without an ABN

  • Individual / Sole Traders

With an ABN

  • Individual / Sole Traders
  • Australian Companies
  • Australian Trusts
  • Australian Partnerships
  • Australian Incorporated Associations
  • Australian Unincorporated Associations
  • Australian Government Entities

Some of these business types may require you to supply further documentation as part of the onboarding process, or after you have been initially set up as a Zeller merchant.

To check how your business has been set up, you can search your ABN through the Australian Business Register's ABN Lookup tool. 

What happens if my business is not supported by Zeller?

Unfortunately at this stage, Zeller does not support all business types. If your ABN is registered to a business type not listed above, Zeller will not be able to onboard you.