What number does Zeller call from?

Zeller's outbound phone number is 03 8203 5537, and will appear as an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.

If Zeller is calling you back, or reaching out to help you with your account, we will call from the number 03 8203 5537 (+61 8203 5537).

We are unable to call from our 1800 935 537 number due to government regulations relating to phone systems, which is why we must use an 03 number for these outbound calls.

If you receive an outbound call from Zeller, but don't feel comfortable giving information over the phone, you can advise our team that you will call us back on our 1800 935 537 to continue the discussion.

We may also send you a text message from 0437 935 537.

If you reply to this number, it will go straight to our Support team, who will be able to help with anything you need.

We also recommend saving this number as a contact in your phone.