Which SIM cards are compatible with Zeller Terminal?

Zeller Terminal is compatible with standard size SIM cards that have been tested.

The Zeller Terminal is compatible with standard size SIM cards under the following specifications:

  • 25mm length
  • 15mm width 

Please note: Nano or Micro SIM cards are not compatible at this stage. 

Data Usage

The Zeller Terminal uses between 5-10kb of data per transaction. With constant use, data usage is relatively low. If you're only using the SIM card for this purpose, any basic data SIM plan your carrier offers will be suitable.

We recommend having a SIM card with at least 2-3GB of data per month to cover transaction usage and software updates. 

Please keep in mind that data usage will increase if you use the SIM card for any other purpose outside of Zeller (Mobile phone calls, email, web browsing etc.).


Zeller Terminal is compatible with SIM cards under the following brands:

  • Telstra 
  • Optus
  • Vodafone 

At this stage, any SIM cards not listed above or sold by a mobile virtual network operator with access to main carriers (such as Lyca or Boost) are not compatible. 


Prices vary depending on the carrier. We recommend checking in with your provider to obtain the best data plan and price that suits your needs.

If you're experiencing any issues with connecting your device, please get in touch with our Support team for further assistance.