Why is the settlement amount different from my total sales?

Chargeback holds, refunds and fees impact your final settlement amount.

There are four possible reasons as to why your settlement amount may be different from your total sales;

Cut off times

We adhere to the Reserve Bank of Australia processing cut-off times.

To accomplish this, we set our processing window between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm Melbourne time, which means any payments accepted after this time will appear in your next day's settlement, and may not align with your sales reporting for that day.

In some situations, this will mean that your transactions after 12:00am Melbourne time will be included in the following day's settlement - for example, if you are a business in Perth, and you process a payment at 9:00pm on a Monday, it will be included in the settlement with your transactions from the following day.


In the instance where you refund a transaction that was accepted on a different day, we will deduct the amount from your current balance before attempting to direct debit your Zeller Transaction Account, or nominated BSB and account number.


Our fees are automatically deducted prior to sending through the final settlement amount. You can view your fees in the Settlement section of your Zeller Dashboard. 


We places a temporary hold on transactions that are subject to a chargeback case. Learn more about how chargebacks affect your settlements.