How do customers pay Xero Invoices with Zeller?

Customers will enter their details via Zeller’s secure online payment gateway.

When a customer opens a Xero Invoice, the Pay Now button will direct them to the Zeller online payment gateway to complete payment. 

Your customer will need to enter their card information:

  • Card number
  • Expiry 
  • CVC 

Once complete, Xero automatically marks the invoice as paid, and will separate the invoice and fee amounts in your Xero clearing account.

If you have your Zeller Transaction Account connected to a Xero bank feed, you can take advantage of one-click reconciliation for all Xero Invoices payments. Simply click Reconcile in your Xero account to reconcile your Xero Invoices payments and your connected bank feeds. 

For more information on reconciling with Xero, please refer to Xero Central