Where do I find my driver's licence card number? (VIC)

Card numbers are now a mandatory field when verifying Victorian driver's licences.

In response to data breaches that have impacted many Victorians, changes are being made to Victorian drivers licences and requirements for Document Verification Services (DVS).

The card number and licence number of all Victorian licence and permit holders impacted by breaches have been shared with Federal agencies to provide an additional layer of protection. 

Both numbers on the licence/permit are now required to pass the identity verification process with Zeller. 

There are three different areas this number can be located on your licence:

  • Issued before November 2022 - The card number appears in small characters on the back of the card, directly underneath your year of birth. 
  • Issued before November 2022 with change of address - The card number is located on the 4th line of the change of address label. 
  • Issued after November 2022 - The card number appears in large characters on the back of the card, on the top right with the indication 'CARD NO.' 

If you have any difficulties locating your card number, please get in touch with our Support team