How do I link my Zeller Terminal to an on premise POS platform?

Contact your POS provider prior to configuring your Zeller Terminal.

If you are looking to connect a POS system that is listed as untested or in testing on the Zeller Partner Hub, you will need to contact your POS provider to assist with configuration on their system. 

We recommend downloading the Linkly software prior to any configuration, to ensure your POS system has the necessary software to complete the setup. 

To do this, follow the steps below:

Linkly Configuration

  1. Download the Zeller - Linkly software via
  2. Install the Linkly software onto your POS terminal. 
  3. Restart the POS terminal once the download is complete.

You may now contact your POS provider to complete the required configuration on their end. Once this is complete, you can move ahead with configuring your Zeller Terminal. 

Please note: Zeller Terminal configuration cannot be completed prior to contacting your POS provider. 

Zeller Terminal Configuration 

Hibernate and sleep settings can interfere with the POS communicating with your Zeller Terminal and will need to be disabled. To do so:

  1. Tap Settings from the navigation menu. 
  2. Select Screen Settings > Device Hibernate
  3. Toggle on Never when plugged in
  4. Toggle off Device Hibernate.
  5. Press the back arrow and tap Sleep mode
  6. Toggle on sleep mode and set the inactivity timer to 1 hour

Before you complete the following steps, please ensure your Zeller Terminal is connected to the same WiFi network as your POS  terminal. 

  1. From the Payments screen, tap the mode button and select POS. 
  2. Tap Setup
  3. Search and select your POS system. 
  4. Enter the Host name of the POS terminal and tap Next
  5. Enter the IP address for your POS terminal. This can be found on the desktop of the POS terminal, and is generally in the format 192.168.XX.XXX.
  6. Leave the Port setting at the default (2012). 
  7. Select your display preferences and tap Next
  8. Tap Start Using POS

Your POS system and Zeller Terminal will now be connected to accept integrated payments. 

To verify this, please complete the following checks:

  • Confirm that the Linkly client is connected to the Zeller Terminal, by checking in the system tray on your POS terminal (this is in the bottom right corner of your POS terminal, on the Windows screen). You will want to check on the Linkly Client icon, that the letter "C" is illuminated green.
  • Check that the tender button appears as ZELLER.
  • Complete a test transaction. 

If you experience any issues with integrating your POS system, please get in touch with our Support team for further assistance.