How do I take a magnetic stripe transaction?

Enter the amount on the keypad, tap Charge, and ask your customer to swipe their card.

While we support magstripe transactions, they are increasingly rare, as most cards in Australia and internationally have chips that enable the customer to tap or insert their card. 

There are cases where a card presented by your customer is without a chip, or if the chip is broken, the Zeller Terminal will prompt you to swipe the card. 

Once you're logged into your Zeller Terminal:

  1. Select Payments from the navigation menu.
  2. Enter in the amount you wish to charge your customer. 
  3. Tap Charge.
  4. Advise your customer to swipe their card.
  5. If the card supports the EFTPOS debit network, the customer will be presented with an account selection list on the touchscreen which has the following choices:
    1. Savings
    2. Cheque
    3. Credit (if applicable on card)
  6. Once selected, advise your customer to complete the transaction by entering their PIN.

Once the payment is approved, you can then choose to issue your customer a printed or digital receipt. Tap New Sale if this is not required. 

If you have any queries regarding accepting magstripe transactions, please contact our Support team