How do I refund a customer?

You are able to refund a completed payment through your Zeller Terminal.

You can issue a full or partial refund back to your customer's card from your Zeller Terminal. Refunds are not available via Zeller Dashboard at this time. 

To begin, log in to your Zeller Terminal then follow the steps below. 

  1. Select Transactions from the navigation menu.
  2. Locate the transaction by scrolling down the list or using the search function.
  3. Tap the transaction to bring up the transaction details. 
  4. Tap Refund.
  5. Select whether the refund is a full refund or a partial refund.
    1. If it is a full refund, simply select Continue. The amount will be refunded to the original payment card.
    2. If it is a partial refund, input the amount to be refunded from the transaction and select Continue. The amount will be refunded to the card used in the transaction. Note that you will not be able to refund any amount that is greater than the original transaction amount.

Please be aware that refunds can take 2-7 business days to process and return to your customer's card.

If you're experiencing any issues with refunding transactions, please get in touch with our Support team