How do I process a POS refund on my Zeller Terminal?

Exit POS mode and process the refund via your Zeller Terminal.

Transactions completed from your integrated POS platform will need to be refunded from your Zeller Terminal in order for funds to successfully return to your customers card. 

To process a refund:

  1. Exit POS Mode
  2. Tap the Transactions from the navigation menu. 
  3. Locate the transaction that needs to be refunded and tap it to see the transaction details.
  4. Tap Refund
  5. Select whether it is a full or partial refund. 
  6. Tap Continue

Please be aware that refunds can take 2-7 business days to process and return to your customer's card. 

You will also need to process or log the refund on your POS system to ensure they reconcile, as the Zeller Terminal cannot communicate refund details. This feature is currently not supported.

If you're experiencing any issues with refunding transactions, please get in touch with our Support team.