How do I process a POS payment on my Zeller Terminal?

Initiate a sale from your POS system once your Zeller Terminal is in POS mode.

You can process a payment from your integrated POS platform in a few simple steps.  

To get started:

  1. Ensure your Zeller Terminal is in POS Mode.
  2. Enter the sale amount into your POS System.
  3. The sale value will automatically be sent to your Zeller Terminal.
  4. Enter a tip amount if it is enabled. 
  5. Advise your customer to tap their card on the contactless logo. 
  6. Advise your customer to enter their PIN if required.

Once the payment is approved, you can then choose to issue your customer a printed or digital receipt. Tap New Sale if this is not required. 

If you have any queries regarding accepting contactless transactions, please contact our Support team