How do I pay a table?

Locate open tables and collect payment from your Zeller Terminal.

There’s no need to access your point-of-sale to collect payment for an open table — simply locate the table and follow the below steps:
  1. Once you have located the table you would like to take payment for, simply tap it. This will take you to the Payment Summary screen where you can verify the amount for payment.
    1. If you have surcharging enabled, you will also see the total payment value, inclusive of the surcharge that will be applied.
  2. On the Payment Summary screen, simply tap the “Charge” button to start the payment flow.
    1. If you have Tipping enabled for your Site, the next screen you will see will be the Tip screen, allowing your customer to select a tip percentage, or enter a custom amount for the tip. If they do not want to leave a tip, they can simply skip this screen.
  3. The Tap now screen will be displayed and allows a customer to either Tap, Insert or Swipe a card to make a payment.
    1. If a PIN is required to complete the transaction, the customer will be asked to enter their PIN before the payment is processed.
  4. Once the payment has been processed the Payment Result screen will be shown. On this screen, you can:
    1. Print a payment receipt
    2. Send an eReceipt via email or SMS
    3. Add a note against the transaction record or,
    4. Add the card holder as a contact in Zeller
  5. After a table has been paid in full, Zeller will automatically close the table on your connected POS till, removing the need to go back to the POS, freeing up the table to start a new order.

If you require further assistance with accessing Pay at Table, please get in touch with our Support team