How do I manage which notifications I receive?

Manage your notification preferences from your Zeller Dashboard.

Notifications are turned on for all users by default. The notifications received by Admin and Manager users vary based on permissions access. 

You can manage certain notifications in the Preferences menu. To get started, login to your Zeller Dashboard:

  1. Click Notifications from the navigation menu.
  2. Click Manage. 
  3. Select Preferences

In Preferences, you will be able to see all notifications that are configurable. 

Opting Out

Notifications are sorted by category tabs and users can opt in and out by channel. To opt out of a notification:  

  1. Find the notification you wish to opt out of. 
  2. Deselect the checkbox for each notification channel (Email, Push, SMS). 
  3. Click Save

At this stage you can only manage your app notifications through Zeller Dashboard.

If you require further assistance with managing notifications, please get in touch with our Support team