How do I manage tags for my contacts?

Add and edit tags to identify relevant information for your contacts.

Tags will be added as labels to your contacts and can be used to quickly access important information. 

To add tags for each contact, login to your Zeller Dashboard:

  1. Click on Contacts.
  2. Select the contact you would like to view.
  3. Select Add next to the Tags section.
  4. Type or select an existing tag to add to the contact.
  5. Click Save. 

To edit or remove tags:

  1. Select Edit next to the Tags section.
  2. The editing module will appear.  
    1. To delete, press the X to remove a tag from the contact
    2. To edit, type or select an existing tag to add to the contact. 
  3. Click Save

Tags will be immediately added to your contact to view. There is a limit of 10 tags per contact. 

If you experience any issues with managing tags for your contacts, please get in touch with our Support team