How do I link contacts to a transaction?

Easily link your contacts to card payments on your Zeller Terminal or Zeller Dashboard.

Linking your contacts to a transaction will allow you to gather more insights by tracking their spending at your business. 

To link a contact on your Zeller Terminal:

  1. Process a transaction with your customer. 
  2. On the payment confirmation screen, tap the contact icon
  3. Create or select a contact from your existing list. 
  4. Tap Link Contact

To setup a link on your Zeller Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Payments > Transactions
  2. Click on a transaction you wish to view further details on. 
  3. Select the Contact tab on the right side pane. 
  4. Using the drop down to search or create a new contact.
  5. Select Link. 

Your contact will now be linked to this transaction along with all historical and future transactions using this card. 

To view these in more detail select View Contact and click on the Payments tab. 

To unlink a contact from a card payment: 

  1. Select the transaction that you would like to unlink. 

  2. Select the Contact tab. 

  3. Click Unlink next to the contact name. 

  4. Click Continue.  

All past and future transactions completed via this card will be unlinked. You can link a different contact following the initial steps above. 

If you have any issues with linking your contacts to transactions, please get in touch with our Support team.