How do I know if a refund to my customer has been processed?

You can check if a transaction has been refunded from your Zeller Terminal or Dashboard.

To check the status of your refund from your Zeller Terminal or Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Transactions screen.
  2. Locate the specific transaction by using the search icon on the top right. Here you can filter by date, amount, or status.
  3. Click on the transaction and additional details will appear on the right-side pane.

The transaction status will show as Refunded to confirm that the request is being processed by Zeller. Once it has been processed, an additional transaction line will appear above with an Approved status.

Please be aware that refunds can take 2-7 business days to process and return to a customer's card.

If a refunded transaction has still not been received by your customer after the seven business day period, please contact our Support team