How do I create an invoice with Zeller?

Draft, preview and send invoices from your Zeller Dashboard.

Zeller allows you to create detailed invoices that are sent directly to your customers to receive online payments. 

To get started, login to your Zeller Dashboard:

  1. Go to Invoices on the navigation menu. 
  2. Select the + Invoices button.  
  3. Customer
    1. Select an existing contact or create a person / business to send your invoice to. 
    2. Enter the payee email. 
  4. Title
    1. Enter a title for your invoice. 
    2. Enter a custom message. This is optional and will appear at the top of your invoice. 
  5. Items
    1. Enter your item name or select one from your saved or recently used items. 
    2. Enter a description. (optional)
    3. If desired, select the Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 3.38.59 pmicon to enter in the quantity and adjust the unit of measure. Alternatively, enter enter Click Save
    4. Click on the three dots to bring up your item level discounts and GST options. 
      1. Select Add discount to add a percentage or dollar based discount to the item. Click Save
      2. Click GST applicable if the item includes GST. This can be left unticked if GST is not applicable. 
      3. If the item is frequently sold, select ‘Save’ to be able to easily select this item in future.
    5. Click Discount to add a percentage or dollar based discount to the invoice total. 
    6. Items are GST inclusive by default. To update this, click GST Incl. and select GST excluded. Click Save to update the item price. 
  6. Schedule
    1. Confirm the invoice issue date using the date selector. This is the date that appears on the invoice and can be back-dated if required. 
    2. Confirm the payment terms using the drop-down list. This specifies the terms of when the payment will be due relative to the invoice date.  
      1. If Custom is selected, the due date field will become active for you to confirm using the date selector. 
  7. Email
    1. Review and edit the email subject and body being sent to your customer. The link for your customer to pay is automatically added to the bottom of this email.
    2. CC and BCC any additional recipients. 
  8. Click Send once you are ready to submit the invoice. 

Your invoice can also be reviewed further by selecting Preview or you can come back to it by clicking Close and saving your draft. 

Once your invoice is sent, it will be received by your customer with in a few minutes and appear in your invoice list. 

At this stage, the maximum amount you can invoice is $50,000. 

If you require further assistance or have any additional questions about Zeller Invoices, please get in touch with our Support team