How do I adjust user roles?

Edit user roles from your Zeller Dashboard.

Adjust the levels of access users have on your account in a few simple steps. To get started, login to your Zeller Dashboard

  1. Go to Settings > Users from the navigation menu. 
  2. Locate the appropriate user from your list. 
  3. Click Edit on the right-side pane. 
  4. Select the preferred user role (Admin or Manager) and click Save
  5. If selected Admin, then a verification code will be sent to confirm the change.
  6. Enter the verification code and click Verify.

The user role will be updated immediately. This can be adjusted at any time following the same steps above. 

Please note: The Admin role can only be assigned to users who have completed their ID verification. 

If you’re experiencing any difficulties with adjusting a user’s access levels, please contact our Support team.