How do I activate my new Zeller Debit Card?

Activate your new card from your Zeller Dashboard.

Once you have upgraded your Zeller Account, you will need to also activate and link your new Zeller Debit Card if it is available to you. 

To link your card, login to your Zeller Dashboard:

  1. Select Cards from the navigation menu. 
  2. Click Add Card.
  3. Toggle Activate a card and click Next
  4. Enter in the card ID, located on the top right corner of the back of your Zeller Debit Card. Click Next.
  5. Select the Zeller Transaction Account your card will be linked to from the drop-down menu and click Next.
  6. Enter your desired 4-digit PIN and click Set PIN

Your PIN is now set and will be active immediately. You can now start making purchases with your Zeller Debit Card. 

If you experience any issues with activating your new card, please get in touch with our Support team.