How can I view my interest paid over time?

Review your transaction history and account statements.

Interest is paid into your Zeller Savings Account on the first day of each month. 

You can review your interest history by logging into your Zeller Dashboard

To get started: 

  1. Go to Accounts from the navigation menu. 
  2. Select your Zeller Savings Account. 
  3. View your individual transactions marked as Interest Earned
    1. Click the search icon to filter the displayed transactions by date, amount or status. 

Download Account Statements 

You may also want to download your account statements, which give you a complete summary of credits and debits into your Zeller Savings Account:

  1. Click on the Details tab.
  2. Under Account Statements, select whether you would like to view monthly or quarterly statements.
  3. Click the download icon on the statement period you wish to save. 

The downloaded file will save onto your device to view in PDF format.

This account statement will include your business details and a list of your transactions for the period selected, including an opening and closing balance. 

If you have any additional queries about your interest paid into your Zeller Savings Account, get in touch with our Support team