How can I view details of my Zeller SIM Card?

View individual Zeller SIM Card details on your Zeller Dashboard.

The SIM card screen on Zeller Dashboard allows you to see a list of Zeller SIM Cards across all your devices. Here you can also view individual details such as the status of the SIM card(s), SIM ID and next recharge dates.

To view individual details, log in to your Zeller Dashboard:

  1. Select Payments and then SIM Cards
  2. Select an available SIM Card from the list to view more. 
  3. Review individual details such as:
    • SIM Number

    • Associated Billing account

    • Associated Site

    • Associated Terminal

    • The Zeller SIM Card Subscription Plan

    • The next Recharge date

    • The Zeller SIM Card Status

If you have any questions regarding your Zeller SIM Card details, please get in touch with our Support team for further assistance.