How are payments secured?

We use end-to-end encryption and industry best practice to protect transactions from the time they are taken at the terminal to the time your money is received.

All information submitted to us is encrypted to our servers, regardless of whether you’re using an open or secured WiFi connection or a mobile broadband-based connection.

As payment is taken, Zeller: 
  • encrypts the card details of each sale, whenever a card / device is presented to a Zeller Terminal
  • closely follows industry-standard encryption and decryption standards
  • ensures PCI compliant processes are followed, by using a cloud and hybrid data-centre model
These are just some of the steps we take to secure a transaction from the moment you make a sale. We also adhere to:
  • industry best practice in cybersecurity and threat management
  • high security, high availability software coding standards and practices
  • extensive staff training in security protocols and processes
  • compliance requirements and audits of our environment on a frequent basis