Does the Zeller Terminal need a SIM card or Wi-Fi to accept payments?

You have the option to connect your Zeller Terminal to Wi-Fi or insert a SIM card.

Providing flexibility to accept payments at your business location or on-the go, the Zeller Terminal can be connected to your Wi-Fi network or be used with a standard size SIM card. 

To connect your Zeller Terminal to Wi-Fi, please ensure your network is turned on and discoverable. From here:

  1. Tap on Settings and select Network
  2. Toggle on Wi-Fi and tap Connected Wi-Fi.
  3. Locate and select your Wi-Fi network name. 
  4. Enter in your Wi-Fi password. 
  5. Tap Join on the top right of your screen. 

Your Zeller Terminal will now be connected to your network and ready to accept payments. Please note: You can also connect to Wi-Fi using a mobile hotspot that is password protected. 

To connect your Zeller Terminal by inserting a SIM card:

  1. Power off and turn over your Zeller Terminal so the screen is faced down. 
  2. Remove the rear cover and battery. 
  3. Insert the SIM card into the SIM slot. 
  4. Re-inset the battery and close the cover. 
  5. Turn on your Zeller Terminal. 
  6. Tap Finish on the SIM confirmation screen. 

Your Zeller Terminal will now be connected via your SIM card and ready to accept payments. 

At this stage, the Zeller Terminal does not have an offline mode and will need an active connection to process payments successfully. 

If you're experiencing any issues with connecting your device, please get in touch with our Support team for further assistance.