How do I direct my deposits to a Bank Account, instead of my Zeller Transaction Account?

Adjust your bank account preferences from the Deposits section of your Zeller Dashboard.

When you first sign up and complete your identity verification, Zeller automatically settles your accepted payments to your Zeller Transaction Account on the same business day. This reduces the time taken between your first payment and the time you first receive your money.

If you have nominated a BSB and Account Number for your accepted payments to be deposited, once the initial settlement occurs (which can take up to five days), all subsequent settlements will take up to one business day to complete. We also establish a Direct Debit Authority over your account. 

Changing from your Zeller Account to a BSB and Account Number

To get started, log in to your Zeller Dashboard: 

  1. Select Payments and then Deposits. 
  2. Select Settings, at the top right of your screen. 
  3. Click on Add Bank Account. You will be prompted to enter the following details: Account Name, BSB, and Account number. 
  4. You can select to set this account as Default. 
  5. Select Save to confirm this change. 

That's it! Funds will begin to transfer into your account the following business day. If you experience any issues with receiving your deposits, please contact our Support team