Best practice for accepting MOTO payments

Following our guidelines can reduce the likelihood of any payment disputes while accepting MOTO payments.

MOTO payments give you the ability to manually enter a customer's card details on your Zeller Terminal. There is a higher risk involved with these transactions as you can’t physically verify that the person making the payment is the cardholder. 

There are certain things you can look out for when accepting MOTO payments to identify possible fraud:

  • Large orders with unusual quantities being placed by new customers.
  • Orders where the card initially declines and the customer continues provides different card details to complete the transaction. 
  • Orders where the customer requests payment to be made to a third party (e.g. freight or delivery companies). 

We recommend following the guidelines below to ensure you minimise the risk of accepting these payments and receiving a payment dispute. Learn more about fraud and how it can affect your business.

Verify Your Customer's Information

Getting to know your customers is key to ensuring you are processing a legitimate transaction. While you may not always know them personally, you can complete the additional checks below:

  • Request a copy of the customer's government-issued ID to check if it matches the payment card details.
  • If you're providing a service, ask the customer to sign an invoice or proof of service to check if it matches the payment card signature.
  • If you're shipping an item, check whether the billing and shipping details match. If not, ask the customer why. 

If your customer is not willing to provide any of the details above, we recommend that you do not proceed with the transaction or accept any type of payment. 

Signed Documentation

Obtaining signed documentation for the goods or services you provide allows you to establish a clear set of payment conditions with your customers whilst also capturing signatures for your records. 

  • Issue a contract/agreement that is reviewed and signed before providing the goods/services.  
  • Provide a receipt/invoice upon fulfilling the goods/services.
  • Require a signed confirmation of delivery if you are shipping an item. 

There are additional measures you should take if the transactions you typically accept are of a higher amount. If you are dealing with high-value goods, you should always: 

  • have clear and binding service terms that explain customer liability 
  • have a clear refund policy
  • have signed contracts or agreements

Although following these guidelines can reduce your chances of facing a dispute, there is always a potential risk when accepting credit card payments. If a customer does dispute a payment, Zeller will notify and guide you through each step. Learn more about our chargeback process. 

If you have any questions around accepting manual card entry payments, please get in touch with our Support team