What are sites, terminals and users?

Sites are the physical or logical business locations, terminals are the hardware you accept payments on, and users are your employees.

Sites, terminals, and users are objects that Zeller uses to help group and layer your business to make sense of where payments are being accepted.

At the top of the hierarchy is your Zeller Account which contains the highest level of information about your business. 

Sites are the physical or logical locations of your businesses. One Zeller Account may have many Sites.

For example, they may be outlets, branches, pop-ups, mobile stores, or any other grouping of business activity you would like to classify.

Terminals are located at sites. Terminals are the hardware you accept payments on.
One site may have many terminals.

For example, at a bar you might have two or three Zeller Terminals to reduce wait times. 

A terminal can't be assigned to more than one site at a time, but you are able to reassign terminals to different sites in your business.

Users are assigned to sites, similarly to terminals. Users are your employees who require additional access to your account. Users are able to be assigned to multiple sites.

For example, Staff Member A can be assigned to Site 1 and 2.