How can my deposits be identified by site name?

Deposit descriptions to external bank accounts are limited to 7 characters.

Due to the nature of how deposits work in 3rd party deposit accounts, we are limited to a total of 7 characters that will appear in the deposit description. Because of this, we recommend ensuring that your site names are easily identifiable in the first 7 characters.
For example, if you operate a business named Katherine's Cafe in three different states, you may have your site names as follows:
  • Katherine's Cafe - Sydney
  • Katherine's Cafe - Melbourne
  • Katherine's Cafe - Brisbane
Since the description is limited to 7 characters, all the resulting deposits will look like this:
  • Direct Credit 613572 Zeller Katheri06042213:00
Good example:
The description limit will still show the exact site that the deposit is related to like this:
  • Direct Credit 613572 Zeller KCSYD06042213:00
  • Direct Credit 613573 Zeller KCMEL06042213:00
  • Direct Credit 613574 Zeller KCBRI06042213:00

Read more on how to edit your site name via your Zeller Dashboard. 

If you're experiencing any issues with your deposits after following the recommended guidelines, please contact our Support team