How do I add new users to my account?

Create new users from the Sites section of your Zeller Dashboard.

Adding users to your Zeller account is simple. Start by logging in to your Zeller Dashboard, then follow the below steps.

  1. Navigate to Payments and select Sites. 
  2. Select your site from the list and click on the Users tab. 
  3. Select Add user and then click on Create new user. 
  4. Select whether the account is (1) an Admin account or (2) a Manager account

    An Admin account provides the ability for the user to update Zeller Terminal settings, conduct reporting, review deposits, user management, and update settlement account details on all sites. 

    You should only grant this level of access to those in your business who have a need to manage or edit these settings. In general, this access should only be provided on an as-needed basis.

    A Manager account provides the ability for the user to update terminal settings, reporting, and review deposits at sites and terminals to which they have been assigned. 
  5. You'll be prompted to enter the user's (1) First name, (2) Last name, (3) Mobile phone and (4) Email address. We require these details for password setting and multi-factor authentication to provide stronger security for your account.
  6. If required, assign the user to any additional sites on your account. 
  7. Confirm the details you have entered and select Create user. 
At this stage, we'll send your new user an email to complete the setup process, including setting a password.